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Who We Are

Durin Technologies Inc. is a New Jersey-based company developing diagnostic tests for early detection of some of the more pervasive and progressive neurodegenerative diseases. The company was founded by Robert Nagele, PhD and Benjamin Belinka, PhD in 2010 and currently resides at the South Jersey Technology Park in Mullica Hill.

Our diagnostic strategy takes advantage of the immune system’s unique but consistent reaction to the presence of each type of neurodegenerative disease.  Monitoring of disease-linked changes in autoantibody profiles enable identification of biomarkers useful for early disease detection and diagnosis, often much earlier than is possible using any other existing method.


We envision that Durin Technologies’ early diagnostic tests will be used for disease screening initially once per year at the annual checkup or as needed if concerns arise. By comparing test results, physicians will be able to detect signs that a particular disease is present earlier, aiding in treatment sooner.

For elderly patients with a diagnosed disease, Durin Technologies’ tests will have important utility as a disease progression screener compared to other costlier and time consuming tests.  

Durin Technologies’ tests should aid in the development and evaluation of new, disease-modifying drugs in clinical trials.  If the new drug is working, there will be less disease-associated debris produced and blood levels of disease-linked autoantibodies will drop back towards levels typical for disease-free individuals - a good sign that the patient is recovering.

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