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  • Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease-Related Pathology Using a Multi-Disease Diagnostic Platform Employing Autoantibodies as Blood-Based Biomarkers. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 92 (2023) 1077–1091Full article in PDF

  • Evidence that Brain-Reactive Autoantibodies Contribute to Chronic Neuronal Internalization of Exogenous Amyloid-β1-42 and Key Cell Surface Proteins During Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 74 (2020) 345–361.
    Full article in PDF

  • The origin and nature of the complex autoantibody profile in cerebrospinal fluid. Brain, Behavior, & Immunity - Health 2 (2020) 100032. Full article in PDF

  • Detection of early-stage Alzheimer's pathology using blood-based autoantibody biomarkers in elderly hip fracture repair patients. PLoS One (2019) Vol 14, Issue 11, e0225178. Full article in PDF

  • Autoantibodies as diagnostic biomarkers for the detection and subtyping of Multiple Sclerosis. Journal of Neuroimmunology 309 (2017) 51-57. Full article in PDF

  • Detection of Alzheimer’s disease at Mild Cognitive Impairment and disease progression using autoantibodies as blood-based biomarkersAlzheimer’s & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring  3 (2016) 51-62. Full article in PDF

  • Serum autoantibodies as biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease: background and utility. AIMS Medical Science 2015 Vol 2 (4): 316 - 325. Full Article in PDF

  • Sevoflurane and Isoflurane induce structural changes in brain vascular endothelial cells and increase blood-brain barrier permeability: Possible link to postoperative delirium and cognitive decline. Brain Research September 16, 2015 Vol 1620, Pages 29-41.

  • Potential utility of autoantibodies as blood-based biomarkers for early detection and diagnosis of Parkinson's diseaseImmunology Letters 168 (2015) 80-88. Full article in PDF

  • Utility of autoantibodies as biomarkers for diagnosis and staging of neurodegenerative diseaseInternational Review of Neurobiology Vol 122 (2015) 1-51.

  • Natural IgG autoantibodies are abundant and ubiquitous in human sera, and their number is influenced by age, gender, and disease. PLoS One (2013) Vol 8, Issue 4, e60726. Full article in PDF

  • ​Diabetes and hypercholesterolemia increase blood-brain barrier permeability and brain amyloid deposition: beneficial effects of the LpPLA2 inhibitor darapladib. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 2013; 35(1):179-98.

  • Neuronal PAD4 expression and protein citrullination: possible role in production of autoantibodies associated with neurodegenerative diseaseJournal of Autoimmunity 2012 Jun;38(4):369-80.

  • Diagnosis of Parkinson's disease based on disease-specific autoantibody profiles in human seraPLoS One (2012) Vol 7, Issue 2, e32383. Full article in PDF

  • Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease based on disease-specific autoantibody profiles in human seraPLoS One (2011) Vol 6, Issue 8, e23112. Full article in PDF

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